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Hindi Literature Section - Scope and Dimensions
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Prize On Most Excellent work by Academy

1. Makhanla Chaturvedi Puraskar - poerty
2. Muktiboth Puraskar - Story
3. Virshingh Dev Puraskar - Novel
4. Ramchandra Shukla Puraskar - Criticism


1. Balkrishana sharma 'Noveen' puraskar -Novel
2. Subhadra Kumari Chauhan puraskar - Story
3. Bhavani Brasad Mishra puraskar - poetry
4. Nand dulare Vajpayee puraskar - Criticism
5. Harikrishana premi puraskar - Drama
6. Sharad Joshi Puraskar - Satire, fine essay and other discipline
7. Dushyant Kumar puraskar - Initial work of the writer of state
8. Isuri puraskar - Related to folk language
9. Zahurbaksh puraskar - Child literature
10. Tambe puraskar - Complete creative discipline of Marathi Literature


Muktiboth Samaroh -
Initiating year 1987 Muktiboth is related to Shyopur, Madhya Pradesh. Leading and
contempory poets, critic, essayist, storywriters, Philosophers and novelists gather. It has a far-reaching and ever lasting significance in Literature.

Subhadrakumari Chauhan Samaroh - initiating year 1982. Subhadra kumari Chauhan is related to Madhya Pradesh Academy'sole function concerning young and leading women and writers of child literature.

Balkrishna Sharma 'Naveen' Samaroh - Initiating year 1982. Born in Malvanchal Madhya Pradesh. Famous as a national poet and advanced journalist. Organised in concern to nation society, poets and Literature.

Makhanlal Chaturvedi Samaroh - Initiating year 1987. Leading poet of Madhya Pradesh. Eminent young poet of the state well as country take part.

Padmakar Samaroh - Initiating year 1988. He is related to sagar, Madhya Pradesh. Based on the inter relation of the period of Romanticism in hindi Literature with contemporary literature.


Parsai Vyakhyanmala - Initiating year 1986. Parsai was associated to Madhya (Memorial lecture) Pradesh .Based on satire and prose.

Ramvilas Sharma Vyakhanmala - Initiating year 2000. Was a leading critic of the
(Memorial lecture) twentieth century. Based on contempory criticism


Keshav jayanti Function - Initiating year 1987. Eminent poet of Bundelkhand and
romantic period. Oraganized at the historical and tourist , Orcha. Based on the recommendation of Local administration at the occasion of Ram navmi .

Nimad Festival - Initiating year 1995. Oraganized at the famous tourist and pilgrimage of Madhya Pradesh, Meheshwar. Based on local and poet.


Bhawani Pradad Mishra Function - Inaugural year 2002. He is related to Madhya Pradesh. Based on New style of poetry in hindi.

Sharad Joshi Memorial function - Initiating year 2002. Well known satirist of the state and the nation. Focusses on young and established writers.

Shami Memorial Function - Inaugural year 2002. Excellent Hindi Novelist of undivided Madhya Pradesh Based on novel writing

Somdutt Memorial Function - Inaugural year 2002. leading poet of Madhya Pradesh .
Based on Youth creativity.

Fazal Tabish Memorial Function - Inaugural year 20002. Bhopal's leading prose and . poetry writer . Based on common creative Hindi and urdu creativity along with contemporary literary reflection The above stated memorials wound only be conducted after receiving desired grant from the cultural council.


Nirantar - Inaugural year 2002. a monthly series of textual reading and dialogue. Focused on young poet, story writer, critic, essayist, satirist and contemporary questions of literature red from all over the country . The only event based on dialogue in context to oration.

Prizes & Platform Workshop -Inaugural year 1954. The established of all India and
state Prizes has been render deserved rapport and
honor to the writers.

Readers Platform workshop - Inaugural year 1981. established for readers of small
towns, cities, remote of place and literature loving people. 60 reader towns were established to provide even the most ordinary reader of state with the nations best literary works and to cary on the movement of reading . under tribal sub-plan monthly colloquium of seminar and publication of abridged report of studies in the journal 'sakshatkar'.


As per the instruction of the - Since the establishment of literature council
Presidents and vice President ( Sahitya Academy) till the present day, these
functions are being done as desired by the
president and voice president of the council.

Book fair exhibition - from the beginning participation is made in
book fair exhibition to popularize the literature
published by me Academy.

Managing the srijan path desk - The Academy is functioning as a nodal agency
for muktiboth and premchand creative chair
established by the state government at sugar
and Ujjain respectively.

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Sharad Joshi Memorial function

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