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To conserve, promote and develop the State's culture and literature, Directorate of Culture is working whole-heartedly. Being a Hindi speaking State, the way of the conservation and all round promotion of the state language Hindi comes under the purview of Directorate of Culture.

Major activities of the Directorate in nutshell are as follows:
All policy matters and policy formation related with culture.

Development of Art and literature.

Conservation of cultural traditions.

Use of Hindi language in all official and Govt. work and all work related with its promotion and developmental.

Use of Hindi language in all educational institutions and all related developmental work.

Writing, publication and reprints of all district Gazetteers.

To give financial assistance, pension help to all needy artists and literary persons.

Financial aids, motivation and encouragement to all Non- Governmental literary and culture organizations.

The work of honoring the selected artists / literary persons according to various award instituted by the State Government.

To Promote the use of Hindi language in all official working, to publish all important and relevant information pertaining to districts in the form of Gazetteers and also to conserve and promote Art, culture and literature of the State are the key functions of the directorate.

Following offices and institutions are working under the administrative control of the Directorate of Culture.
1. Ravindra Bhavan
2. Madhya Pradesh Sanskritik Parishads
     (a) Sahitya Academy
     (b) Aadivasi Lok Kala Academy
     (c) Ustad Alla- ud- din khan Sangeet and Kala Academy
     (d) Kalidas Academy
     (e) Marathi Sahitya Academy
     (e) Bhojpuri Sahitya Academy
     (e) Panjabi Sahitya Academy
3. Bharat Bhavan

Activities of the Directorate

Gazetteer :

All-important significant and authentic information pertaining to the districts of state are collected in the Gazetteer. According to the schemes of the Govt. of India initially these Gazetteer are prepared in English and later on Directorate of Culture got translated these Gazetteers in Hindi language too.

Directorate has also produced the reprints of the Gazetteers prepared during British and old royal state time and also of contemporary works. So for out of 45 districts of old Madhya Pradesh 43 Gazetteers and 26 old Gazetteers of British and state time have been published. Hindi version of 24 of published Districts Gazetteers are also available. Recently two more District Gazetteers originally prepared in English got translated in Hindi . These Gazetteers are sold with 40% concession on sale price.

Financial Aid to Artist and literary persons :

Under the scheme of extending financial assistance to financially weak selects Artist and literary persons, Director of culture is providing Financial assistance in the tune of Rs. 500/- to Rs. 700/- per month. Similarly Directorate of Culture in also providing financial assistance to seriously ill artists and literary persons.


Financial Assistant to Institution :

Directorate of Culture is extending financial help for registration to such non governments organization who are devoted and working for the conservation, development and promotion of Art and Culture.

Srijan peeth :

By creating suitable environment for established and senior literary persons of the country an opportunity and guidance is given to young leading persons for promotion of literary activities. For this purpose following srijan peeths are constituted under the control of Sahitya Academy.

Mukti Bodh - Srijan peeth at Sagar
Prem Chand Srijan peeth at Ujjain
Nirala Srijan Peeth at Bhopal


For performing various cultural and social activities Ravindra Bhawan is the only Air-conditional fully equipped Auditorium is available in the capital city Bhopal. This Auditorium has seating capacity to accommodate 700/- spectators.

In this Auditorium complex there is an open-air stage and ample space for holding exhibition is also available. Annually Ravindra Bhawan has been renovated and upgraded.
Ravindra Bhawan has now become one of the most important centre of the state for performance and presentation of various activities with Art, Culture, Literature and Cinema.

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